Educational performance – plus ça change…. Dr Peter Dudley April 2014


Educational performance – plus ça change….

TRACCA – The Railway System – A presentation for the Climate Change Adaptation Group


The Railway System – TRACCA

To hear John Beckford’s presentation on Infrastructure investment at Bristol University April 2013 follow the link


The One Eyed Man


It is often said that in the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king.  Wrong!  In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man would probably be regarded as a raving lunatic.  Imagine the conversation, “SEES THINGS?  What does he mean, he SEES THINGS?”  Driving change can be very like the life of […]

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A Bonfire of Conceits


A Bonfire of Conceits I have a vivid memory of Stafford Beer telling an audience at King Alfred’s College, Winchester, that none of us could disprove the existence of fairies. It was a typically profound and weighted message; that our cognition is limited and bounded. What most disturbs us is that which arrives through the […]

Thinking About Information Science


Thinking About Information Science John Beckford The role of information science in Universities and Business is changing rapidly, but what is Information Science? According to: “Information science (or information studies)  is an interdisciplinary field primarily concerned  with  the  analysis,  collection,  classification,  manipulation,  storage, retrieval and dissemination of information.[1] Practitioners within the field study the application  and  usage  of  knowledge  in  organizations,  along  with the  interaction between people, organizations and any existing information systems, with the aim of creating, replacing,  improving  or  understanding  information systems.  Information science is often (mistakenly) considered a branch of computer science. However, it is actually a broad, interdisciplinary field, incorporating not only aspects of computer science,  but  […]