Quality Management

Quality Management: Reconsidered for the Digital Economy provides a one-stop-shop for anyone studying the theory and practice of quality management. Exploring the essentials of management theory and the work of the ‘quality gurus’ who have formed the foundation of current practice, this book builds upon the previous editions’ unique critical perspective of quality.

Key management practices are considered and extended, including lean thinking, systems methodologies, business process reengineering, organisational learning and intelligent organisations and service quality management. This edition plays particularly close attention throughout to the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution on Quality Management, revisiting the meaning of ‘quality’ in an automated and data-driven world. Throughout, case studies have been rewritten including new examples from emerging economies, and practical tools incorporated to enhance learning and application.

Replete with examples, vignettes and diagrams, this comprehensive textbook is ideal for those new to the field of quality management and for students on advanced undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Operations Management.