Directors of Change Management

Is it unreasonable to ask…

… that Managers take responsibility?

I stumbled across a job advertisement recently in a respected academic news journal. The advert, placed by a respected University, was seeking no less than:

“three Permanent ‘Directors of Change Management”. (My emphasis)

These poor, benighted creatures are expected to:

“work with the Deputy VC and Pro-VCs to help build our management capacity”

I presume that the “Directors of Change Management” are required to compensate for all the “Directors of Keeping Things the Same” spread across the institution, led I assume by the Deputy VC and Pro VCs.

Would it not be simpler (and cheaper) for the institution to recognise that the job of EVERY manager is to facilitate, enable, lead, perhaps even Direct the change needed by the organisation. It needs to be built in to everybody’s job, not bolted on to just three.