Intelligent Organisation Consultancy

Intelligent Organisation consulting projects are:

  • Bespoke to the particular circumstances of your organisation
  • Developed from a proprietary methodology supported by established tools and methods
  • Informed by over 25 years international experience across private, public and third sector organisations and both manufacturing and services

Projects are designed backwards from your desired outcomes and seek to optimize your value, complementing your capability with ours. We work with you and your team to identify, understand and address your challenges and opportunities and develop with you a joint approach which:

  • Identifies the desired outcomes
  • Defines the pathway to their delivery
  • Enables and supports you and your team
  • Evolves with the changing situation
  • Transfers and embeds understanding of the Intelligent Organisation from us to you

Our consulting process typically consists of three phases.

Diagnostic: understanding the future you are currently in

In the diagnostic phase we work with you to understand:

  • Desired outcomes and objectives
  • Present and future challenges
  • Obstacles and threats

In essence we explore your organisation with you to understand the future you are currently in. Using a wide variety of methods chosen for their fit to your particular circumstances and needs, we work to understand underlying causes of symptoms you are experiencing and to develop means of addressing them.

The diagnosis findings are synthesised in conjunction with you and your team to develop a grounded, deliverable picture of the future you want to have and a pathway for achieving it.

Therapeutic: the pathway to Intelligent Organisation

In the therapeutic phase we work with you to:

  • Engage your team in the emerging change process
  • Organise the business around the achievement of its objectives
  • Develop information outputs required by staff and managers to be effective in their roles
  • Specify information requirements and the development of prototype solutions
  • Develop and embed control and management activities which enable the delivery of the desired performance improvements

Treatment: taking action

In the treatment phase we support you in:

  • Communicating the emerging changes
  • Informing and educating staff
  • Designing and developing systems, solutions and reports
  • Identifying and resolving obstacles and challenges
  • Realising the benefits

Each of these phases may be used iteratively as the situation evolves. A fuller description can be found here.

Seminars & Workshops

To enable you to develop your appreciation and understanding of The Intelligent Organisation, Beckford Consulting offers a range of seminars and workshops through which the core ideas are introduced and participants can explore the implications of the approach for their own organisation.

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